Grace really is amazing!

October 10, 2007

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A lot of people will quote the famous words of Christ, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” without knowing the truth.

Truth is more than just facts.   Facts are literal, evident, observable things.  You may see someone driving his car and start to swerve, then smash into another car.   You say, “I know what happened, I saw it.”   Based on your testimony the driver is probably guilty of causing an accident.   You stated the facts as you know them.

 But, what if you found out later someone else was in that car in the back seat holding a gun to the drivers head, and out of desperation the driver tried to overpower the hijacker to save his family and the crash resulted.  That would be the truth behind the resulting facts.    Knowing the truth could set the driver free from any criminal charges in causing an accident.

We live in a world that abounds with facts, figures, statistics, legal definitions, and the like, but is most often void of truth.   I doubt many times if  people even want to know the truth.  The facts suit their purposes.  

Have you discovered there are some in our country today who make up the facts to suit their position?    Everything from “global warming” to evolution, from contrived political arguments to unsound”biblical truth”,  from marriage conflicts to a juicy job resume, people make up facts.  Or so-called facts.

If a fact isn’t true it isn’t by definition a “fact.”  The word means “information presented as true or accurate; something having real or demonstrable evidence.”  On the other hand, the classic definition of truth is “reality or actuality which conforms with facts.”  

Reality, isn’t that a great word?  

America, and particularly we as God’s people in the “middle of a crooked and perverse nation” need a reality check!    If Jesus is the truth, as He claims to be, then we need to get to know HIM.   We are looking to education, income, pleasure, government and one another as the answers to our problems and issues of life.   Christians are no different in their thinking than those who do not claim to know anything about the Bible. We believe, so often, the end of all things is what makes me happy, and give token allegiance to the will of God.   It is called “hedonism.”

The truth?   It is Jesus.   He makes life make sense.  Real living is not about pleasing yourself.   You can’t do it anyway.   He only can give you the “abundant life” He promised.  He IS reality, in one Person.  Paul wrote, “you were at one time children of the dark, but now are you light in the Lord; walk as children of the light.”

Change your mind about a philosophy that only fulfills your personal desires and pleasures.   Don’t use facts to your ends, abandon yourself the Jesus Christ and follow Him.   He makes life worth living!

Then, you will know THE Truth.